Three Things I Didn’t Expect To See At A Red Sox Game

I recently has the displeasure of going to see my Red Sox play the Oakland A’s in Fenway.  Now I’ve been a Bosox fan for a looonnnnnggg time so I’ve seen my share of absolutely crap baseball.  To be fair, I’ve also seen three championships but man this years team is bad.  It’s one thing to simply not have enough talent to compete, it’s another to have plenty of talent to at least be respectable but still suck and suck bad.  This year’s team lack any type of focus, understanding and execution of fundamentals (how many outs have we run into on the base paths?!!), and zero heart or toughness.  It’s been a complete and total disaster.

Now having said all of that the only thing saving this team right now is they play in the worst division in baseball and there are some rays of hope because of the performance of some of the young players on the team.  in addition, I was lucky to actually see them win on the day I made the trek to Boston.  Usually, even in their good years, I get to watch them lose.  Given that both teams suck, the baseball wasn’t especially compelling but there are always interesting sights and sounds in Fenway and here are a few I thought I would share.

1.  Drunk midgets (oh wait, we call them “little people” now).  Yes, I saw drunk little people.  I think there was some type of group outing and there were about 30 little people there.  All very nice and absolutely hilarious because most of them had been doing some heavy drinking.  Very interesting to say the least.

2.  Banjo playing hipsters.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that hipsters have moved into Boston.  This isn’t the Boston I grew up with.  Buy banjos? C’mob at least give me some flutes or something.

3.  Boxes of Wartrol.  Not familiar with Wartrol? Me neither.  I was intrigued for some reason and so I did some research and wanted to know does wartrol really work and according to a website called where to buy Wartrol, its a homeopathic solution for warts.  My first thought was that’s kinda nasty, but whatever, it looks harmless and maybe if I had warts I would check it out.  but I don’t so there you go.

Lets hope the Sox can find a way to get their head out of their ass.  Out and if you do have warts check out the link below if you want more information on this stuff I found.

Wart info:

Turn the Caboose Loose

A few months ago I was sitting on my couch (a common place for me) watching another healthy debate over the latest sports topic (deflategate-what else). Anyway, the common tactics were being employed by both sides, strawman, ad hominine attacks, etc. It really is amazing how little regard the sports media has for the intelligence of the average fan. Anyway, as I was sitting there a familiar sensation started to take away from my concentration. As unpleasant a topic as it is to talk about, the hemorrhoids were acting up.

I started having problems with hemorrhoids shortly after turning forty (it seems like all my health problems started up after that birthday..hmm). Anyway, the usual symptoms accompanied the hemorrhoids. I’m not going into any great detail so you can thank me for sparing you the disgust, but lets just say that hemorrhoids suck.

In my hour of despair I turned to our best buddy to help resolve such dilemmas in our life: Google. That’s right, the world foremost authority on everything. Or at least everything you want to keep private. After hours and hours of searching I finally found a website that looked like it could give me some decent information on my hemorrhoids. Now you may be thinking what the hell is Venapro and what did you fall for. Well don’t judge me. Hear me out. The website I’m referring to is dedicated to providing a bit more information about hemorrhoids and giving its readers the latest on all the newest treatments. I mean, we all know about Preparation H but aren’t there other products on the market? As it runs out, there are and the one I ended up trying and having good success with is one called Venapro. Venapro is a homeopathic solution (organic, no chemicals) that is designed to work gradually and not just treat the symptoms but also treat the problems itself. Now, its important to note that there are things hemorrhoids sufferers have to do to help any medication do its job. You may have to alter you diet, how you “finish up” back there, and other things. But in the end, I really like this product and I have been recommending it to other hemorrhoids sufferers. Check out the links below if you want more information.

Additional info:

In Your Face

One of the characteristics of basketball, and particularly NBA basketball, that can make it so compelling is the fact that the players aren’t wearing all kinds of equipment that can hide their face. Every emotion and utterance is there for all to see on the screen in front of millions. Given this fact, its not surprise that a lot of the commercials to you see during an NBA game have to do with beauty products. Hell, the players themselves are buying and using this crap all the time. No group of professional athletes care more about their appearance than NBA players. One product in particular caught my attention this weekend. It’s a product designed to get rid of hyperpigmentation and its called Meladerm. Hyperpigmentation is basically a skin condition that results in an “uneven” complexion for those affected by it. After watching this commercial a few times I couldn’t but think how much Dennis Rodman needs something like this. But I digress. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that this thing appears legitimate and has given some folks some pretty good results. I was especially blown away after looking at the Meladerm before and after shots. Wow. You wouldn’t believe how hot some of these women looked after applying this stuff for a few weeks. A few of them legitimately went from being a two or three to being an eight or nine. I’m not kidding. Anyway, if you know someone that could benefit from something like this, check it out and let me know what your (or her) results are.


The Media I Didn’t Ignore

As avid sports fans one of the things we’re exposed to most when watching our favorite sports is the constant barrage of advertisements for various health products. I don’t know about you (although I’m pretty sure) but I get tired of the relentless stream of crap companies keep trying to sell us. Unfortunately, some worthwhile products often get overlooked or ignored because we’re so numb to the incessant stream of stuff being hailed as the next big thing.

Even our favorite sports figures are being used to pitch all kinds of fitness related products of questionable efficacy. Remember when Shannon Sharpe insisted on wearing that EAS hat for every media appearance so he could push his sponsorship with them?

Well, even with all that I recently broke down and purchased a product that hadn’t been as heavily marketed though the sports channels but was still a regular in my part of the country. Here’s my story:

I was recently in Australia with my ex-girlfriend when I started going through some of the pictures we had taken during our travels. What I noticed stunned me. No, it wasn’t the magnificent beauty of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Blue Mountains, or the Opera House. Instead, it was the size and prominence of my gut. Right there for everyone to see (thanks social media). I knew I had to do a better job of watching my weight and being more consistent about working out but I didn’t realize it had gotten so out of hand.

When I got back to the States I starting looking at various weight loss products because all I could think about was how to lose weight and lose it fast. I decided fairly quickly that I was going to have to seriously alter my eating habits to get back to where I wanted with my weight.

As I got further and further along with my research I eventually whittled it down to three products that I thought could help me achieve my weight loss goals. Those three are: Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Ideal Shape. While they all have their benefits and drawbacks I came to the conclusion that the best diet to lose weight for me would be Ideal Shape. The combination of a great tasting product that was easy to prepare and was also light on the wallet sealed the deal for me.

Since I’ve been taking Ideal Shape I’ve lose over twenty pounds by combining the Ideal Shape shakes along with a solid workout program. So, if you’re like me and you’ve been spending too much time watching sports on the couch and it has started to add up around your waistline, I highly recommend giving Ideal Shape a look.